Tension nut

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Tension nut

This part can be used on the following horse/cattle models –
Liscop 1100-1-TD/1300-2-TD/1500 Super head and 3000/4000-A2/A6/A7
Liveryman Apollo/Arena C 90/Arena C130/Arena Plus – including version II head/Filly/Elite/Mustang (Bronco) and Sprinter
Wolseley Lark/Hunter/Goshawk

Liveryman clippers are often Liscop machines sold under the “Liveryman” brand.
The same applies to several newer Wolseley models.
The upper body casing may have different coloured body casings to display the Liveryman or Wolseley name and logo”

Part number 60750

See parts diagram – head – item 115

See respective parts diagrams – head section
Liscop 2 -TD/1300-2-TD/3000/Liveryman Apollo/Arena C90/Arena+/Mustang – item 115
Liscop 1100-1-TD – item 60750
Liscop 1500/Liveryman Sprinter – item 15
Liveryman Arena C130 – item 12
Liveryman Elite/Filly/Wolseley Lark/Hunter/Goshawk – item 3

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