Sullivan’s Teflon Combs




Now the top combs in the industry, they have a new, improved Texturized Grip to give the user a comfortable non-slip grip. Sullivan’s Teflon Combs have revolutionized the way a comb can be used while preparing show cattle. Get more leg hair perfection with Sullivan’s NEW Teflon Combs. The NEW show day comb for all grooming. Teflon is a solid polymer that is considered to be one of the world’s most slippery and water resistant substances. It has one of the lowest measured coefficients of friction of any compound. For our application, it creates a baked-on surface to the comb teeth for reduced friction and a nonstick lubricant that allows the comb to glide through the hair, especially with a sticky substance like adhesive.

Sullivan’s Teflon Tiger Fluffer has 1/2″ longer teeth for today’s trend of longer, thicker hair! This comb is the answer for longer haired cattle. By adding extra length to the teeth Sullivan’s have eliminated the hair from touching the comb bar, allowing even the longest hair to stand on end. With their patent pending Teflon coating, this comb will glide through even the longest hair making for perfection! 
Texturized grip covered wood handle.


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Teflon Fluffer 9", Teflon Comb 9", Teflon Fluffer 6", Teflon Comb 6"