8 Comb set

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8 Comb set

Set of eight universal stainless steel attachment combs suitable for fitting over the A5 type detachable style narrow blades supplied in a plastic case with individual comb slots with colour identification for organised and safe keeping. Each of the individual combs is designed to be fitted over the clipping blade. Insert the two “hooks” onto the back of the clipper blade, and then push the comb forward so the comb teeth fit over the clipper blade teeth. This is often best achieved with the clipper blade attached.

Each comb is colour coded for easy recognition, and the stainless steel blades are securely fixed to give positive application. The individual comb blade tips are rounded and therefore do not have sharp pointed tips, thus avoiding any prospect of causing damage to an animal’s skin.

Only supplied as an 8 comb set.

Comb 1 size: 1/8th/3mm
Comb 2 size: 1/4/6mm
Comb 3 size: 3/8th/10mm
Comb 4 size: 1/2/13mm
Comb 5 size: 5/8th16mm
Comb 6 size: 3/4/19mm
Comb 7 size: 7/8th/22mm
Comb 8 size: 1-inch/25mm

Attachment combs work best with blade sizes #40, #30, #15 and #10.
They generally do not fit blades below #8.5.
Blades greater than #8.5 are designed to leave increased depths of hair

When using attachment combs it is most important to ensure you have first “thoroughly” groomed the animal before making any attempt to clip.
Attachment combs will not work correctly if there are any knots, tangles, matts, or areas of un-groomed hair.

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