OSTER PowerMax

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Manufacturer: OSTER of the USA
Type: Mains professional
Voltage rating: 220/240v 50/60Hz
Wattage: 15 watts
Noise level rating: Peasridge 2+
Weight (with blade fitted): 0.5 kgs
Length (with blade fitted) 8.25-inches/21cm
Cutting speeds TWO 3300/4200 spm
Casing colour: Matallic silver/blue
Blade type: Detachable A5 type
Cable length: Average 12 feet
Guarantee period: One year.
Electrical ratings: CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Boxed/clipper with lead and plug/oil/brush/instruction manual

PLEASE NOTE: This clipper is supplied by the Manufacturer WITHOUT A BLADE.

Peasridge Star rating: FOUR
Peasridge Score rating: 90
Comment: Needs a track record before we comment.

PROS: With the past history of Oster small animal machine it should be good. Certainly a more modern appearance!.
CONS: Made in China! 15 watts sounds low! No blade! .

Oster small animal clippers have for many been synonymous with the clipping of dogs. However both time and strong competition have eroded a market that was once exclusively “Oster.” Since the days of the single and two speed A5 clippers the new Oster models that have emerged have proved disappointing. The new Power Max” is made in China. Hopefully a wise decision?

There are a few aspects we would question! Described as “powerful, time saving and lightweight clippers” it is also claimed to be 20% lighter than the Oster A5! Assuming the Oster A5 is the same as they supply the UK market, then according to our electronic scales the weight is 0.5kilos with the blade fitted which happens to be exactly the same weight we recorded for the Oster A5. Comparing it to other compatible makes (admittedly all 35w dog clippers) physiologically our opinion was it felt heaver!

Oster literature claims the clipper has a powerful (yet silent) cool running motor. In all the years we have tested clippers and trimmers (of all sizes) we have never come across a “silent” motor! The “Power Max” is not to our mind “silent” and the production model we tested with a blade fitted scored our “2” rating – on a par with other similar machines of its type as far as noise levels where concerned. A curious comment in the manual under “Important Safeguards” states “The intended operating time is 20 minutes!” (See manual heading -WARNINGS No:16) Quiet what is meant by that is uncertain but the reference “20 minutes” might be considered rather “restrictive!” Lastly Oster say this is the “New Kid on the Block!” and capable of pretty robust work in a fully professional arena. Indeed this may well be so, the passing of time will determine.

On the plus side the design and overall finish is good with a “satin” type finish to the upper portion of the upper casing, at the rear of which is the on/off speed selection switch. This casing is set into a rubberised upper casing secured with four screws to the lower casing moulded in the same rubberised material. One of the features of this rubberised body casing covering is that it provides excellent “grip” especially when working in warm conditions. The “bail” arm (hanging hook) is rigid – a nice design feature! The blade release mechanism follows the tradition method. The blade drive lever has been re-designed and is a robust plastic component of which two spares are supplied at the time of purchase – suggesting they may wear and need to be periodically renewed.

Oster clippers are generally always sold without a blade – the “Power Max” is no exception. Infuriating as it may be! – Especially if you are not aware, and having rushed home to try out the new “purchase” on the family hound, only to find you are …bladeless! We are told it is done this way because whatever blade was added would not suit all needs! Funny – but most manufacturers' making dog clippers sells them with a blade! (Agreed – Aesculap also don't on their Favourita II! But they do on their fantastic FAV5.)

In conclusion on appearance a good improvement from the old fashioned style of the Oster A5 (Black or Burgundy models) Nice grip even if – to our thinking, heavier than say an ANDIS. Good and easy manoeuvrability. If it is as good as claimed it will certainly add competition to many machines. In the meanwhile as yet “Un-proven” but potentially “May have promise!”

Oster #40 – 0.1mm
Oster #30 – 0.5mm
Oster #15 – 1.2 mm
Oster #10 – 1.6 mm
Oster #9 – 2mm
Oster #8.5 – 2.8mm
Oster #7F – 3.2mm
Oster #7 – 3.2mm
Oster #5F – 6.3mm
Oster #5 – 6.3mm
Oster #4F – 9.6mm
Oster #4 – 9.6mm
Oster #3F – 3mm
Oster #3 – 13mm
Oster #5/8th – 0.8mm
Oster #7/8th – 0.8mm cut

Oster GM #6 wide – 4.8mm med.
Oster GM #7 wide – 3.2mm med.
Oster GM #10 wide – 2.4mm med.

This clipper also takes blades from the AESCULAP/ANDIS/LAUBE/MOSER//WAHL detachable A5 type blade ranges.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer's the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: April 2015

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Weight 2.5 kg