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Manufacturer: LISTER of the UK
Type: Cordless heavy duty
Noise level rating: Peasridge 3++
Clip time per battery unit: Average 2.5 hours
Re-charge time per battery unit: 11/13 hours
Battery type: Nickel metal Hydrid
Voltage: 220-240v/50Hz
Battery capacity: 2.5 hours
Weight (with wide blade fitted): 0.8kgs
Length (with wide blade fitted) 8.75-inches/22.3cm
Cutting speeds ONE 2500 scm

Blade type: Traditional livestock
Blade tensioning required: Yes
Guarantee period: One year.
Guarantee option: 3 years extension
Electrical ratings CE rated


Popular Pack

  • Clipper 
  • Power pack battery unit
  • Battery re-charger unit 
  • Standard Lister A2/AC blade set

Yard Pack

  • Clipper 
  • Power pack battery unit
  • Battery re-charger unit 
  • Mains adaptor
  • Standard Lister A2/AC blade set

Peasridge Star rating: FOUR
Peasridge Score rating: 88%

Replacement for the “Showman” which was over many years not only unique but well tested and proven. Kept similar shape and concept with technological improvements. Unique in its concept of battery clip time

The third version of the of the Liberty range, the principle difference with the “Field” pack is that a set of vehicle leads is included which enables clipping to be conducted in any venue away from a mains supply and for as long as your vehicle battery can survive!

An attractive well-engineered compact battery powered horse or cattle clipper, which is bound to have a lot of appeal for those who prefer not to have trailing cables. It is refreshing lightweight, but unfortunately in keeping with so many Lister machines rather noisy, which may make it not so popular with owners of nervous animals. This is a great shame as they are often the very customers for such a battery-operated clipper. On/off switch well positioned for quick reaction use in an emergency. 10×1.2v nickel metal hydride cells give the battery a clip time of up to 2.5 hours. However the published normal recharge time is between 11 and 13hours. (Bit of an “over night” job!) The ultra light battery pack is supplied with a charger lead and plug. The charger can be fitted with interchangeable plugs for different overseas countries.

Whilst you cannot fit a sheep head on this machine, for those with a few sheep wishing to dag or even do the odd full shear then try fitting the Wizard sheep blade. Likewise with dirty cattle to clean up for shedding or slaughter the cattle wizard blade will prove suitable. Should prove extremely popular with dairy farmers due to the total safety factor, when used in milking parlours. The machine has good manoeuvrability.

PLEASE NOTE – Battery storage
Customers are advised to adopt the following procedures when storing a Lister “Liberty” battery power pack when it is not envisaged the unit will be used. In the event of storage Power packs (battery units) should be discharged to within a total capacity but NOT completely – some remaining charge MUST be left. During storage – at period not in excess of 6/8 week of storage Power packs (battery units) should be fully recharged. Failure to do this can result in the Power packs (battery units) acquiring a “memory” and thereby limiting recharging fully.

A2/AC – 2-4mm. Medium
A2F/AC – 1.5mm. Fine
CA2/AC – 2.5mm. Coarse
A2S/AC – 0.1mm. Surgical
Cover Cote – 5mm. Blocking blade
Wizard Cattle 4mm.
Wizard Sheep 4mm.
CC23/AC9 2.5/3mm. For clipping goats
All LISTER blades are self-cleaning and the combs and ribbed to aid self cooling whilst operational.

UPDATED: October 2017


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Weight 2 kg

Popular Pack, Yard Pack, Field Pack


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