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Manufacturer: AESCULAP of GERMANY
Type: Professional heavy duty cordless for horses.
Voltage rating: Max. 21.6v DC / 2.6Ah
Battery type: Lithium (Li-ion)
Operating voltage: 100 – 240v
Charger /output current: 1.2 amp
Clip time: 80 minutes per battery
Charge time: 70 minutes
Weight: (with battery and blades fitted): 1.35 kgs
Length: (with battery and blades fitted) 12.75 inches/32.2cm
Cutting speeds: ONE 2250 spm
Noise Level: Peasridge score 2
Noise Level: Official rating: 70 dB (A) 3
Casing colour: Purple
Blade type: Aesculap/Heiniger/Stewart Oster livestock blades
Blade tensioning required: Yes
Guarantee period: TWO year
Electrical ratings TUV-GS, CE, UL & CSA rated/CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Cordless clipper/one Lithium-ion battery/GT803 charging station with lead and UK plug /GT502/505 specialist horse blade set/GT604 Oil/screwdriver/User manual/ Quality made plastic carry case

Peasridge Star rating: FIVE
Peasridge Score rating: 95%

Heavy duty powerful cordless specialist horse clipper with exceptionally low motor tone and devoid of vibration, with latest technology and touch screen on/off switch. Supplied with specialist horse clipping blade set.

Cordless large clippers – the traditional type of machine you would clip a non- nervous type of horse with, have always been limited in number and choice as compared against the many more corded (mains) powered clippers to select from. No doubt the available battery technology of the day, coupled with the cost had a bearing. The few that could be found available fell into two categories -clippers with a battery pack in the handpiece, or those not truly cordless – but which are attached to a battery unit normally worn on the person’s body and connected by way of a land line type extendable cable. One such machine is for the nervous temperament type animal and is fitted with a detachable wide blade, as opposed to conventional livestock and horse blades. Normally cordless machine where considered less powerful than a mains powered machine.

So after a decade or more the emergence of a new cordless heavy duty type clipper which is equal in power to that of a heavy duty mains machine is an exciting prospect – certainly for those who clip horses! Added to this the fact it has been designed and manufactured by a German manufacturer who has a proven long standing pedigree in engineering quality adds even greater “excitement!”


Well for years this is one section of the clipper market in which traditionally there has been little to choose from – and what was on offer was not really that “wow!” Basic criticisms were often “heavy and badly balanced” (due to the weight of the battery inserted in the end of the machine.) or “Noisy and prone to vibration. ” Some of the really expensive batteries have disappointed due to an earlier than might have been expected malfunction. Now suddenly a new dawn appears in the cordless machine sector – the German manufacturers Aesculap – introducing a new cordless clipper exclusively for horse clipping designed and born of technology that mirrors what the iPhone did to the then mobiles of the day!

There are many in the horse clipping world who may not have heard of Aesculap clippers! Those who have and maybe have been wise enough to purchase one will know the Aesculap “Economs” (mains machines) have a long established pedigree stemming back to the days of the early Aesculap SE models. Those early S.E models earned an unrivalled and lasting reputation amongst many – not least the black and white dairy cattle showmen who are known for their notoriously high standards in clipping equal only to their cousins in North America.

The new cordless “Econom Equipe CL” body retains many of the proven features of generations of Aesculap clippers especially in relation to the clipper head and blade driving mechanism. The upper body casing incorporates a lot of new technology, for example the on/off switch, whilst internally expensive high quality electronics – not normally used in your average machine, allow a greater flexibility in clipping speeds without excessive loss of power. In the battery unit, charge status electronics provide up to the minute information on the current power availability of the battery.

Unlike the majority of large cordless machines where a degree of power is normally lost at the expense of going cordless, the Aesculap Econom CL models are the exception!. Powered with a new and powerful motor they reproduce driving power equal to and matching the mains powered models. The lower cutting stroke speed (2250 strokes per minute) compared to the cattle version (2750 strokes per minute) allows for a smoother clipping – one more suitable to the temperament of horses. Whilst the same motor is used – the high quality electronics used allows flexibility.

One of the predominant features of all modern Aesculap machines is the engineering quality that has evolved to produce “vibration” free machine. Vibration of the clipper head is probably one of the two most “objectionable” factors to any animal – most certainly horses – undergoing clipping and whilst the temperament of each animal will certainly differ – few enjoy vibration, especially in the more sensitive areas such as the head.

Aesculap designers have incorporated a slim lined shape to that all-important hand grip area, (16.5cms circumference) which ensures that holding the machine for the duration of the average full body clip time gives a much more comfortable hold. When you first take hold of the machine it does suggest a degree of heaviness, which is not surprising when one accounts for a machine that combines to bring blades, clipper and power pack into one unit. In actual fact when compared to the few that offer a true comparison it is marginally lighter!

Proven design features, in the blade driving carrier system and blade tensioning which include a “locking” nut to hold the tensioning of the blades once you have set them. (Unheard of in many makes) are sound examples tried and tested over many decades. Blades are simple to install on the clipper head and the head internal parts are easily cleaned after use. Whilst most Aesculap blades are adequate for any task anticipated the machine takes HEINIGER, certain LISCOP, and STEWART OSTER blades to offer an unrivalled choice whatever the clipping task.

The high air intake feature reduces the build-up of any heat and therefore as with all clipping machines it is necessary to ensure you keep the air filter at the rear clean and free of any hair build-up.(That includes BOTH sides of the air filter screen.) Far too often this escapes the user’s attention and results in unnecessary over heating of the motor and more often the blades! (Animal hair has an almost magnetic attraction and very soon and un-noticed clogs the air filter severely restricting the flow of cooling air!)

Oiling blades is probably the most necessary requirement of any clipping type machine and one which seems to be frequently forgotten about! Blades are dependent on oil (lubrication) for obvious reasons! They overheat if not frequently oil due to the number of times (2250) in a minute they pass across each other under tension, (pressure) and that may well precipitate the early stages of “bluntness” if they are allow to become un-lubricated. So oiling blades is an automatic discipline that you do at least every 5 minutes.

Don’t worry about oil on the horse’s coat – 85% or more is swept off when the machine is first switched on. Lubricate (oil) in accordance with the directions given in the user’s guide!

The three major “visible” features that give this machine that something “new and exciting” as well as lift it into a new technological era are the “touch screen” on/off switch, the battery charge status, and the powerful new Lithium-ion battery power pack. Non visible features but equally valuable are hidden away in the internal mechanics.

The “touch screen” on/off switch is a radical change from the traditional on/off type switch which will no doubt cause a few to “stumble at the first hurdle” until the technical reasons are understood and appreciated. The on/off switch will only react after 0.5 seconds as a protection against inadvertently switching on or off and consuming battery power.

Be mindful to – that to prevent the battery from discharging when the machine is not in use, an electronic connection between the Lithium-ion battery and the internal control system automatically is cut. Therefore to restart the machine you need to press the “symbol” on the battery charge status (which will illuminate) BEFORE you press the on/off touch screen button.

Really it is very easy to operate once you have used the machine a few times, No matter how experienced you may feel you are in clipping and maybe even in the use of various clippers, the “Econom Equipe CL” is the first of a completely new generation of machines and therefore we would urge all owners to read the operating manual which is advisable for many reasons.

The battery charge status is indicated by a maximum of five small red LED lights displayed in a semi-circle at the rear of the battery pack. Each of the five “dots” represents 1/5th of the battery power

By briefly pressing the symbol it immediately becomes illuminated for a few seconds with an appropriate number of red LED dots forming a semi-circle and will indicated the current charge status of the battery unit which is displayed in 1/5th units of available power. This highly innovative system gives you instant information as to the current state of the power pack at all times.

Each fully charged battery is stated – to clip for about 80 minutes
The average battery re-charge time is stated as 80 minutes

Lithium-ion batteries signal a major development in battery technology and are now to be found in a wide range of consumer electrical products. Clearly they express great potential as the major power means of the modern cordless animal clipper and as such these type of batteries require the consumer to become educated and conversant as to the ways of best keeping their batteries at peak performance levels.

In equine clipping for many it is a question of clipping for a few months each year and long periods when the machine is not being used and therefore placed in some form of storage. Whilst we give recommendations for storage of the battery, we would strongly urge all equine users to make both the time and effort to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions NOT ONLY before using the machine for the first time, and certainly familiarise themselves as to the correct and recommended method of battery storage – whether long or short term prior to any intended storage period.

Lithium-ion batteries are likely to experience a loss of capacity and performance with any prolonged storage. It is recommended that in the event of storage Lithium-ion batteries are only stored in a fully charged condition, and that they are re-charged once a month.

The Aesculap Econom “Equipe” CL may be purchased in either of two versions – The version GT804 contains a GT810 clipper, GT803 charging station with lead and UK plug , GT502/505 blade set, GT604 Oil, a blade screw screwdriver, user manual, all in a sturdy plastic carry case. However it is only supplied with ONE GT801 Lithium-ion battery.

If you wish to acquire this machine with TWO battery units then you need to purchase the Aesculap Econom CL GT816 which contains all of the above item but is supplied with TWO GT801 Lithium-ion battery.

Like all clipping machines (whether mains powered or cordless) a small degree of routine maintenance is necessary to keep any make and model of machine in peak performance.

PLEASE make sure at all time the air filter is kept clean and free from any build-up of hair during clipping.

NEVER use the clipper should the air filter for whatever reason be missing!

LUBRICATE the gear wheel once or twice during a clipping season using gear grease GT605. (See your manual to get instructions as to how to access the gear wheel.

PLEASE NOTE : We are advised that it is currently not possible to fit a sheep head to this machine.

GT 501/502 Standard horse/cattle
GT501-15 teeth/GT502-31 teeth 3mm
GT 501/511 Fine
GT501-15 teeth/GT511-31 teeth 1mm
GT 505/502 Specialist horse blade
GT505-23 teeth/ GT502-31 teeth 3mm
GT 505/508 Horse/cattle ultra-fine
GT505-23 teeth/ GT508-51 teeth 1/10mm
GT 505/511 Horse/cattle ultra-fine
GT505-23 teeth/ GT511-31 teeth 1mm
GT 505/506 Medium – cattle/goats
GT505-23 teeth/ GT506-24 teeth 3mm
GT 505/510 Plucking – dogs/goats
GT505-23 teeth/ GT510-24 teeth 5mm
GT 503/504 Extra Coarse
GT503-17 teeth/ GT504-18 teeth 3mm

This clipper also takes blades from the HEINIGER, certain LISCOP and STEWART OSTER blade ranges.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturers the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: October 2017

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