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  Your clipper or trimmer - whatever its make - will at some point require servicing and may at any time need to be repaired in the event of some “accident” taking place.

Clippers, which are in frequent use, need to be serviced accordingly and in such situations probably at least once a year - preferably before your animal’s clipping season starts. Traditionally servicing and repairs reach their peak on midnight of the start of every clipping season and quite naturally every one is urgent! Try therefore to plan ahead!

When you are making enquires about a problem with your machine it helps to be positive and constructive with the information about the fault/s. “It has stopped” is not as helpful as “It stopped after slowing down, emitting a sheet of blue flames from the rear end and smelling strongly of burning rubber” This immediately indicates a “non starter” with potential electrical problems!


  • If the machine has stopped cutting – does the cutter blade still move? In which case the machine still works maybe it’s the blades!

  • If the clipper has stopped i.e. switched off - has the re-set button been tried? (If there is one of course!)

  • If the clipper has stopped i.e. switched off – check the plug and fuse.

  • Check the cable for cuts or any noticeable damage.

  • If it’s a smell of burning or a sighting of smoke - just switch off and remove the plug – you need assistance! Clipping is over for today!

  • Have a look and see if you lost “your drive block” Clipping comes to an abrupt end without one! (assuming your machine uses one.)

At a minimum try to have readily available the following information when asked:

  • Manufacturer of machine

  • Model type/Serial number

  • Mains powered - Battery powered

  • Date of purchase or approximate the age of the machine

  • Description of the problem/s

Do give as much info as you can. It helps us to save wasting your MONEY on a possible problem which should not have may be occurred.

In most cases if the repairs are likely to exceed the normal service figure current at the time you will be contacted and your instructions sought before the work is commenced (at least that is the Peasridge way!) Alternatively you can request an estimate of the likely cost when sending the machine in for repair.

Please note that Government legislation requires an electrical test to be conducted on machines over one year old. This is done automatically at the time of servicing/repairing.


Unless you deliver your machine by hand to the repair centre you are almost certainly likely to dispatch it by some means of postal/delivery service.

Two important things to remember:

  1. Wrap your clipper carefully and securely – we would suggest you send it without the blades attached – wrap them separately. Use a strong box, sealing securely. Clearly mark the name and address of the sender on the outside of the box. Make sure you state clearly your name address and contact details including a day and evening telephone number. Plus details of what you require to be carried out and information about any known faults (see above example).
  2. Whatever postal/Carrier service you use, bear in mind parcels do sometimes get mislaid/lost. In fairness very few but nevertheless it happens so always insure for the value of a new replacement. (If you are unsure of this consult our web pages or ring for confirmation - (01424 882900/882211) Some Carriers refund £20.00 on their Economy Parcel Service, which go a long way to a new Hauptner 2000 or Lister Laser!

Average time taken for:

  • Repairs 5/7 days

  • Servicing: 4/6days

  • Standard service charge (excluding any parts) but including return carriage and VAT - allow as a guide ( May 2005)

  • Larger machines (livestock/horse) £39.50 inc vat plus return carriage & insurance £10.00 inc vat

  • Smaller machines (cat & dog clippers) £36.50 inc vat plus return carriage & insurance £8.00 inc vat
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Whilst every care has been take to ensure the accuracy of the information given both in the written text and pictures created, neither PEASRIDGE nor any of its staff can accept any responsibly of any type for injury or damage inflicted by or caused to persons or animals by any operator or a third party who has made reference to this web site. Owner/Operators of all such appliance should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, and if they are unsure on any point consult the manufacturer direct.
  Sending your clippers for repair.