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Online Catalogue > CLIPPER RECOGNITION!  > The AESCULAP Clipper range

The PEASRIDGE "DIRECTORY" of animal clippers

Comprises of a selection of colour images thought to be the World's first listed directory of animal clipper images including several now vintage machines.

It has be carefully designed to assist you establish the make and model hopefully of your machine - should for some reason you do not know this information. Where possible we shall update adding additional and useful information deemed helpful, and whilst we would acknowledge it is not fully complete, we shall continue to expand it and update information as it becomes available to us.

The principle manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order and the machine generally in the order of production and release

Should you still not be able to ascertain your model from the listed images please consult with, as we are sure we can eventually provide the information necessary


Aesculap are considered as one of the top German clipper manufacturer's noted for outstanding engineering quality on a par with top German cars such as Mercedes!

Aesculap are a division of the B Braun Group - one of the world´s leading healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, with many subsidiaries around the world.

Skilled German engineering using German made parts in their own factories has resulted in consistent products of long levity - indeed many of the early clipper models made over 50 years ago are still in working order and regular use in both mainland Europe and the UK.

The Aesculap SE models were popular horse and cattle clipper of their period and many are highly prized when for whatever reason they appear for sale.

Customers with Aesculap machines can take comfort that despite Aesculap size every Aesculap customer is "Important!" Given that Aesculap know of any problems you may have - you may rest assured of their upmost support in getting you back "in business"

Little wonder so many professionals select the Aesculap "Quality & Service!" and go for the BEST!

Online Catalogue > CLIPPER RECOGNITION!  > The AESCULAP Clipper range