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Sullivan's Sullivan's "EZ" CLEAN
Product Code: 1207

Sullivan's "EZ" CLEAN is a waterless shampoo stain remover which acts both as a coat brightener and conditioner.

Supplied in a trigger spray - ready to use bottle, the directions for use recommend that you spray directly into the hair coat and soak completely. Then massage well into the hair until a light foam appears.
Dry with a clean towel or blow dryer.

Considered ideal for either show use or on occasions when the weather does not permit normal washing.
Recommended for use on Horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and many other species.

Please note:
Although declared by the manufacturer as "non irritating" we would suggest as a precaution the product should not be used on sensitive skinned animals without prior veterinary consultation, nor mixed with other products.

Made in the USA
1 US Quart - 946ml

Price: 15.55 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue > SHEEP > Stain Removers