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HOT SHOT Sho-Stik - Alloy Telescopic - Black HOT SHOT Sho-Stik - Alloy Telescopic - Black
Product Code: 1181

Telescopic, made from aluminium, these are popular show sticks as they can be safely stored in the show box when not in use. However, a word of warning, don't drop the show box lid on it or it will telescope no more!

Adjustment is made by a threefold push in button selection resulting in a 6-inch increase in length. Maximum length 49-inches, but it can be adjusted to 44-inches or 38-inches overall as required. Curved tip, golf club type handle. Light weight at 380grams. Colour: handle and stick matt black. Tip: chrome plated.

Touch under 30-inches when fully telescoped for storage. 

Price: 30.64 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue > CATTLE > Showsticks