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Product Code: CSM0009

Professional heavy duty
Wattage rating
400 watts
Voltage rating
Field of Use
Weight Type
1.2 KG with blade fitted
Length Type
11 inches/28cm
Noise Level Score
Overload protection
Rear mounted re-set button
Air Filters
Two positioned at rear
Cutting strokes
Cutting speeds
Casing colour
Silver & Mauve
Blade range
2 combs and common cutter blade
Alternative blades
We are advised that Lister/Heiniger blades fit
Blade type
Traditional cutter & comb with screw fix
Blade tensioning required
Balance, & ease of use
Very good
On/Off switch position
Accessible to thumb for quick operation
Cable length
Supplied with
Case/cutter and comb set/oil/spare drive block/manual
Optional extras
Cattle head
One year
Electrical ratings
VDE GS (Germany) approved. CE conforms

Rating 95%

+ Outsanding Quality! German made! Advanced in design, versatile and ultra light and comfortable to use. Shear perfection!

- Slightly more expensive than other machines, but who wouldn't pay a little extra for such quality!


A truly brilliant German made horse/cattle clipper engineered to perfection for absolute professional reliability - breaking away from the last century of heavy and cumbersome machines!

When this machine was first launched in the year 2000 it set down a clear bench mark for all manufacturers - that this was a new century, and new beginning in clipper design! Today even the Chinese - who are renowned for copies - have made this one of their prime "targets!"

However few can copy the pure skill of the German's when it comes to design and engineering, hence their long period of unrivalled success with Mercedes and BMW cars, so say nothing of other well know German products - so it is with the Hauptner 2000 and the Liscop blade using Hauptner 3000. A machine for the professional - or those who aspire to becoming a professional!

A machine any Alpaca owner/shearer can buy with confidence!

When Hauptner created the "2000" a new generation of clippers was born! For the first time a manufacturer had taken note of the needs of the end user and produced the goods! The same standard of quality and engineering applies to the blades as well!

Certainly not cheap - but when is something of real quality ever cheap? This is a machine for those who are in the market for one of the best, for those who buy well and expect years of service! Throughout the UK there are Hauptner clippers whose owners who can boast long service records of twenty or more years and still going strong!

When you clip alpacas - not always the most happy to be clipped - but with a premium fibre worth taking care of you need a machine which for the operator is small, light and compact, but above all reliable! - Once started, this is a job you want to get finished - not part done!

Powered by a newly designed permanent energised motor the machine is renowned for its lightweight, ultra slim handling ability, with low noise level and with almost no vibration! The new engine design results in low energy output which gives a greater degree of operational quietness. Double insulated. The speed output is virtually constant between idle running and clipping. Air fan vents have been designed to avoid blasting hair all over the operator, which was an annoying feature of the earlier 07 models.

Tensioning of the blades is all-important to achieve the best clipping results, and this requires "fine tuning" rather than over tensioning. Get the tensioning right and clipping is a delight- effortless, and smooth. Shearing is one of those jobs which can go wonderfully for a long period then you hit an area and it all becomes difficult unless you make a few adjustments to the tensioning. Ask any sheep shearer - they will tell you the same no matter how professional you are! Take a look at the sheep shearer - he or she has a lot of cutters and combs for a good reason - they can and do go blunt!

Special "Camelid" combs are the norm for use on Alpacas - used with any good cutter blade of which there are several to chose from - just make sure you have roughly a 3-1 ration of cutters!

The "comb lifter" is a highly useful attachment for those who want to leave an extra amount of fibre on the shorn animal. Quick and simple to fit - it fits over the comb blade using the blade screws on the clipper head to secure. The superior design "skids" over the body contours as you shear lifting the shear head higher - thus leaving more protection.

Ideal when weather conditions are unsettled, or for the older or less fleshed animal!

Please note: The comb lifter is shown in the image for identification purposes and NOT INCLUDED in the machine as offered for sale.

Read the manual and the instructions before you start any actual shearing - regular applications of oil are important to keep the aluminium head cool. Oiling every few minutes is important and requires being a discipline one adheres to - as is the case with most clippers. Correctly operated this machine produces some highly impressive "quality" clips.

The Hauptner 2000 is rightly a very popular choice with most ladies due to the comfortable handling, slim handpiece, shorter length and lightweight feel. Of all the machines on the market of it size it must be one if not the most pleasant to hold and use. The machine is an absolute pleasure to use. Perfect for the smaller hand for a task which make take a good hour or more to perform!

HEINIGER "Camelid" product code: CC0092 - a popular choice with many studs
LISTER "Alpaca" product code: CC0018 - economy priced
LISTER "Alpaca Pro" product code: CC0019 - one for the professional who shears a lot!

HEINIGER "Jet" product code: CC0077 - a very widely used cutter with the Camelid comb
LISTER "GT4" product code: CC0014 - popular
LISTER "300" product code: CC0015 - popular

IMPORTANT - Please note:
The electrical machines we offer for sale are principally for use with the electrical supply system operation in the UK namely 240volt.

This machine is there equipped with a 240 motor and component parts and will have a supporting identification plate on the casing. In addition to working on the UK electrical system it can be used on any European 220/240 volt system.

However it is supplied with a UK 3-pin plug and therefore will need an appropriate "adaptor" plug into which the UK 3-pin will fit. Whilst these are not readily available to us they can be easily obtained at your local electrical outlet.

Customers outside of the UK and European Countries should check their electrical supply rating and seek professional advice from a qualified electrician.

USA Customers should note that with a national 110-volt electrical supply system 240-volt products will need specialist converter equipment and may still not work. It is recommended that you seek professional advice from a qualified electrician before making a purchase.


We don't make a habit of giving a "BUY" recommendation. Products can only qualify by being of special value and effectiveness in their field of use.


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Please note:
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Price: 366.22 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue > SHEARING MACHINES > Shearing machine suitable for Alpacas