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Special coat whiteners

Various whiteners.

Various whiteners.

Certain cat breeds, may benefit from having the whiteness of their coats enhanced, either for showing purposes or for general beautification.

Amongst the natural based shampoos there are some, which are especially suitable for the extra whitening and brightening of a white coat, and several have the added ability to remove various types of stains, without resorting to the use of bleaches and similar additives.

Often such whitening shampoos may in addition enhance the hair colouring of those cat's, which have multi coloured coats such as black and white or red and white.

Recommended shampoos are: -
DOUBLE "K" - Alpha White
DOUBLE "K" - Midnight White

Some stains can be removed with selected shampoos such as
DOUBLE "K" - Grimeinator

Another good stain remover is the American product Sullivan's EZ CLEAN. This is a waterless stain remover supplied in a trigger spray bottle, which can be sprayed onto the affected coat area and towelled off until dry.

However it should be noted that urine stains - often associated with female cats of certain breeds - can prove very difficult to combat. Frequently there is little one can do especially if the staining has been allowed to go on for a degree of time. In effect it kills the hair strands, leaving a dull lifeless colour in the remaining hair strands that haven't rotted away.

Up until the later part of 2013 "Ultra White Chalk." was available, and had a unique "staying" power which did not rub off like many chalks. Unfortunately production ceased. An alternative that might be considered is "Whiter than White ." Show paste.

The various products referred to in the above article are available on this website for sale and may be found under the following product headings -
" Shampoos"
"Stain Removers"
"Chalks & Powders "

Updated October 2014

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