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Ordering Online

Internet browser changes

All major internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox) are changing the way that they validate website security certificates to ensure the highest security level for customers when making payments. As a result of this change customers may see security warnings (e.g. browser errors, security certificate warnings) on their web browsers when using a secure website. This will only happen if the website they are visiting is using an older security

To address this issue, Sage Pay (along with the majority of other payment gateways and online banking web sites) are updating web certificates for all payment pages and forms. This change will not impact the majority of online shoppers apart from a small fraction who are using very outdated browsers on old computers. These shoppers will not be able to transact on any payment processing or online banking facility which has made these industry-wide changes.

If you are an online shopper who is impacted by this change, you need to upgrade to an up to date internet browser which is strongly recommended to address this issue as well as for a number of other security and usability reasons.

PEASRIDGE October 2015

Ordering Online

In order that you may experience an easy, fast and efficient Internet ordering service please read carefully the following instructions written to assist you successfully place your order.

HOW DO I ORDER ON-LINE - A step by step guide.

Select an item you wish to order from the appropriate web page by clicking on the ADD to CART button.

Having done this a window will open showing the product ordered, the product ref, (code) item description, quantity ordered, and the price in GBP (GB pounds) including the UK Value Added Tax (VAT) amount.

After the page has opened to show you the item/s ordered it will return you to the shopping page you were on automatically. If you only wish to purchase one item please click on VIEW CART at the top of the page (RHS) - see under My Cart This will show you your shopping cart order details

There are five buttons in dark blue below your shopping cart - these allow you to …..

If you wish to remove an item in your Cart first tick in the remove (RHS) box and then click the UPDATE button. This will remove the item

Click this button to save the cart details for later use

Click this button to retrieve your shopping cart details

Click this button to continue shopping – it will automatically return you to the last page you shopped on. If you wish to go to another page please select accordingly from the STORE SELECTIONS menu on the left hand side of your online catalogue screen.

If you wish to purchase other items please click "CONFIRM" and you will return to the page you were on.

By clicking this button you will go directly to the checkout where you will see details of your Shopping cart, Invoice and the delivery address. Please check all details are entered correctly

If you require other web pages - if you always click the word "PEASRIDGE" at the top of the "On-line Store" page and it will take you back always to the "HOME PAGE" from where you can select other pages/items)

If you click the CANCEL button at the bottom left hand side of the page this will return you to the last shopping page visited

If you click the NEXT button at the bottom right hand side of the page this will open a page displaying SHOPPING CART/SHIPPING & HANDLING/TERMS & CONDITIONS&GENERAL INFORMATION.

Please check your order and complete all required fields (Alterations can be made on the next page)
Please click the NEXT button.

On the opening page you may make alteration s to the SHOPPING CART/INVOICE & OR DELIVERY ADDRESS AND SHIPPING & HANDLING CLASS OF SERVICE as required.

Customers will see that under PAYMENT METHOD there is a reference to PROTX


PROTX is a payment "gateway" method and is NOT a type of credit or debit card. It is the Service Payment Provider - this is a secure and safe online method protecting your payment information and ensuring your card details are always safe! (PEASRIDGE never have access or see your card details)

Ignore the word "PROTX" and click the CONFIRM ORDER button

The page that now opens will display the SAGEPAY transaction details of your order with a selection of payment methods PAYPAL/VISA/VISA DEBIT/VISA ELECTRON/MASTERCARD/MAESTRO
Please select your preferred payment method

If selecting PAYPAL please log on to your PAYPAL account and follow the instructions for making a payment.

PAYPAL is only available for on-line orders

If selecting either VISA/VISA DEBIT/VISA ELECTRON/MASTERCARD/MAESTRO PAYMENT CARDS please select and enter the card details requested and follow the instructions for making a payment.


When you complete your card payment details, please ensure the information given is accurate, as the bank issuing the card will check carefully all details given, especially the invoice address which MUST correspond with the address the card is registered at. Any discrepancies may cause the payment to fail.

All prices shown on all our web pages included UK Value Added Tax which is not applicable to shipments delivered to non EU Member States - therefore if you place an order on-line, when you insert your international delivery address for delivery you will only be charged the nett figure.

EU Customers with valid EU registered VAT numbers may submit these for VAT payment exemption. However please ensure the number is correct as all numbers are checked against the International VAT register.

EU VAT numbers are 12 digits long

Foreign currancy converter


Under every PRODUCT ITEM, below the"ADD TO CART" button is a CURRENCY CONVERTER button.

CLICK your mouse/curser on the "VIEW CURRENCY CONVERTER" Button. This is set by default to convert the sum of the item selected from UKP to USD

By CLICKING THE DOWN ARROWat the side of each of the currencies you can adjust to any chosen currency.

Having SELECTED the desired CURRENCY
CLICK the "GO!" button.
The opening window shows you the UKPOUNDS and the SELECTED CURRENCY price

The Foreign Currency Converter is set at the International currency "live" mid- market rate - Like Stock and Shares - the Exchange Rate of any currency quoted may vary UP or DOWN!
Also it may not be the exact figure your card provider charges you - they normally add a commission!


Click anywhere outside this panel to close it.

Right panel

Clicking outside this panel wont close it because clickClose = false