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CLIPPERS and TRIMMERS - a buyers guide!
CLIPPERS and TRIMMERS - a buyers guide!
Unlike many on-line retail-shopping outlets Peasridge offer the most extensive and unrivalled range of animal clippers and trimmers to be found on the Internet.

Clearly confronted with so many to select from - confusion can, and often does quickly sets in. To assist the potential purchaser we have provided a "Buyer's Guide" which it is hoped will go some way to pointing you in the right direction for your specific needs.

Purchasing the correct clipper or trimmer for your requirements is important to both yourself and us! Should you kindly favour us with your purchase/s, we don't want you to just buy any machine - we want you to buy the right machine!

Therefore if after consulting the "Buyer's Guide" and any of our web pages (which generally are generous in their information) please feel free to contact us either by phone 01424 882900 or by e-mail (shop@peasridge.co.uk)


Peasridge has for many years supplied corporate and individual customers all over the world with various electric clipping machines covering a wide range of industrial uses including.......

A variety of carpet trimming
Yarn, cotton, felt and other fibre trimming
Mascara brush shaping
Preparing equipment for filming purposes
Industrial broom trimming
Industrial paint roller edging
Animal skin preparation for clothing fabrics
Animal skin preparation for food purposes.

Our extensive knowledge of both clippers and blades enable us to offer customers unique advice in selecting both the right machine and the best suitable blades for industrial type needs.
Our normal approach to your requirements is to first get a full awareness of what you are seeking to achieve, complete understanding of the materials you are involved with and then conduct tests to establish machine and blade suitability. This may involve a searching and detailed number of questions covering not only the materials involved, but the skills and persons who will ultimately be operating any machine.

Our experience suggests many involved in the use of clippers "industrially" have little or no practical knowledge of basic clipper or blade maintenance. There is a requirement that all operators are familiar with basic "maintenance" in order maintain machine and blade constant high performance. This we attempt to redress through the initial contact, who would be expected to ensure such information is passed on to, and understood by, all end users.

We also have long and well established relations with all the leading and major clipper manufacturers which enables us to discuss, if necessary, customers often individual needs with highly experienced engineers from these companies - thus ensuring the advice you receive from us is the best available in what is often "uncharted" waters as far as the use of both clippers and blades is concerned.

Clearly the application of clippers and blades primarily designed and intended for animal when use in an industrial mode are to a large extent entering "unchartered waters" as far as performance is concerned and may result in a degree of experimental use before a final conclusion is made.

Whilst any clipper intended for use in an industrial situation may need to fit specify requirements, the major factor is often the type and design of the blade used. On some occasions it may be deemed necessary to either manufacture a particular type of blade or re-grind a blade to special requirements. In this aspect Peasridge can offer a wealth of practical experience, as well as implement any necessary alterations to the blades.

Peasridge aim to minimise some of the experimental aspects of finding both the right machine and the correct blades due to their experience in this field, as well as making pre judgemental trials in order to arrive at conclusions that may be proposed with a degree of confidence. However to achieve this we may need to request detailed information from you regarding the product material involved and possibly small samples of the materials you are using in order to undertake tests on a range of clippers and blades before we give any advice on suggested products.

When making enquires please provide as much information regarding your industrial needs as you can. The more information you can provide us with the greater the chance of our selecting the best possible machine for the task.

Material samples intended for clipper and blade trial should be sent to:

Peasridge S S Limited
Stubb Lane
Nr. Rye
East Sussex
TN31 6BL

For further information and advice for your particular industrial needs please contact Peasridge S S Limited

please contact us - without obligation on Tel: 01424 882900

Telephone lines are open for product enquires from 1030 to 1230 hrs and from 1430 until 1630 hrs Monday to Friday.

Please note:
Our offices are shut on Saturday, Sunday and all Bank Holidays

Additional contact details:
Fax number 0044 (0) 1424 882 926
E-mail: shop@peasridge.co.uk