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Coat King stripping combs

MARS - Coat King Stripping Combs

MARS - Coat King Stripping Combs

The Coat King will almost certainly be one of the most outstanding animal-grooming products of the century!

The vast majority of "Coat Kings" sell either on end user recommendation, or on the seen "after" effects of an animals coat or in the case of horses - the tail!

Manufactured by Mars from Solingen in Germany - a name internationally established and widely known for its hard wood stripping knives of exceptional quality - the "Coat King" is a recently introduced range of new styled stripping knives designed and precision engineered from high quality steel for which the area of Solingen is famous and fitted with a polished hard wood handle to afford the best and most comfortable holding ability.

Typical of the quality associated with this well-known and much respected German manufacturer, the range offers a selection of bladed knives for each and every dog breed as well as for use on cats. The Coat King range is ideal for use as an aid for hand stripping and especially for the removal of dead undercoat prior to clipping particularly in the case of terriers.

The Coat King knives have rapidly become very highly popular in the UK as well as internationally (now sold in over 80 countries world wide!) both with professional groomers, and individual dog owners. They are far more relaxing to your hand than traditional knives especially on the wrist.

Cattle and horse owners are also beginning to appreciating the benefits of using the Coat King and are quick to adopt the larger 30 and 60 blade combs, which can also be used on the largest dog breeds. Many horse owners have discovered the effectiveness of the narrower headed blades for the tails of their horse.

These unique shape and design of these tools strip large areas of coat really fast, quickly and easily removing any loose hair, especially from those thick undercoats, which many breeds have. The Coat King is a great tool for aiding both detangling and dematting, if correctly applied.

Really good results can be achieved with matted coats if you start with a 6 or 8 blade combs to prepare and then as then use a 16 or 20 blade comb to finish. Benefits following the use of the Coat King are quickly seen with coats displaying a healthy look and invariably a show quality finish.

Many dog and cat owners initially have concerns about using products with descriptions such as "blades" or "cutting edge". With the Coat King you need to have no fears, the individual blades whilst having a sharp cutting edge in the "curved area of the blade do not come in contact with the body or skin.

The blade tips which are curved, are flat and act as a smooth "skid" on the body surface gliding through the hair strands as you "comb", thus making the whole operation completely safe even in the hands of an inexperienced or first time user. Correctly applied you will find your cat or dog really enjoys the experience.

Each individual blade is made from quality stainless steel and is fitted to a central bar at predetermined spaces to suit various coat textures. This bar is then fitted to the stainless steel head which is equipped with a comfortable smooth hard wood handle about 5-inch/13cm long, all of which forms a solid construction. Totally safe to use and when correctly applied enjoyed by both the operator and recipient.

To achieve the best results position the comb on coat and with light hand pressure comb out in the direction of hair growth. Please be aware any attempt to go against or aside hair growth will cause excessive cutting of hair. Only use once a week or every other week.

Too much use may result in a rather rapidly balding pet!

Owners of Poodle Crossbreds :
With a number of "poodle crosses" the popular one being Labradors, many owners have difficulty deciding which Coat King is best suited to their individual animal.

The choice will largely fall between the 16 and 20 blade Coat King in most cases. Coat textures are likely to be of a variable nature and dependant on the individual animals used for the crossing.

The best advice is if your animal has a thicker rather than fine coat texture, then select the 16 blade, but if it is finer rather than thicker err towards the 20 blade,

Remember the more blades on the head the finer the coat - the thicker the coat the less blades and more open tooth blade face will prove better.

Use on animals other than Cats and Dogs:
Coat King combs can be used with great effect on several other hair-coated animals other than just cats and dogs. They are particularly effective when used on horses and ponies for maintaining manes and tails as well as the general body areas. A number of cattle exhibitors are discovering the benefits they offer in show coat and tail preparation. Coat Kings are also becoming increasingly used around the world for rabbits, hamsters and ferrets and they produce some highly effective results on many of the goat breeds

A polite word of warning!
As the fame of the original MARS Coat King spreads so others who did have the foresight to create such an innovative tool turn to offering cheaper and usually rather inferior copies.

Their price against the original German made Coat King may be attractive! Before you rush to grab a so-called "bargain" however please consider a few important points.

The original "Mars Coat Kings" are German designed.
They are made from German Solingen steel.
They are crafted by German engineers with years of experience.

There lies the difference! The choice is entirely yours.

If your dog is worth quality grooming tools.....then chose an ORIGINAL Mars Coat King!

Even within traditional dog and cat breeds as with any animal hair texture is often heavily influenced by the sire use. Consequently you may get a "standard texture " where the progeny animal has a "coarse" or "finer" texture than the normal breed standard. (This may be especially relevant in cross breeds.)

As a good thumb rule......
The softer (finer) the coat - the higher the number of blades
The denser (coarser) the coat - the less number of blades
The longer the coat - it is better to use more blades
Very short coats - use blades fitted with the smallest gaps between blades
Very long and or matted coats - start with low number of blades and finish with high blade numbers.

In instances where the coat has varying texture - you may need different Coat Kings with varying blades.

Comb #6 - #8 - #10 - #12 #16 - #18 - #20 - #26 - #30 and #60 blades - according to breed

As a guide for dog breeds: -
Standard size Coarse & Medium Combs
Comb sizes #6 - #8 - #10 - #12 blades
for preparatory work and thinning out undercoat

Standard size Fine Combs
Comb sizes #16 - #20 - #26 blades
for grooming heavy coats

Wider Combs
Comb sizes #30 medium - #60 fine blades
for grooming very large dog breeds

Comb Mini #10 - Comb #12 #16 - #18 - #20 - #26 - blades
As a guide - the finer the coat - the higher the blade number

Comb #26 - #30 and #60 blades

Comb sizes #30 medium - #60 fine blades for bodywork
Try comb sizes #6 - #8 - #10 - #12 #16 - #18 - #20 for manes and especially compact tails

Comb #20 - #26 blades

Try comb #20 - #26 blades or the mini #10

Don't lend to friends! Use only for its intended purpose. Remove any excess hair by hand, or clean with a soft small brush. Avoid damaging blade with misuse. To remove build up of dirt or grease use a mild cleaner or warm water with a mild detergent. Dry thoroughly! The occasional polish with bees or brown wax on the wooden handle will keep in good condition.

The Coat King in our opinion is one of the most innovative products to have emerged in recent years. Its instant success has resulted in thousands being sold worldwide. Most of the sales have been as a result of personal recommendation of a existing user. It is a product we constantly use on our own German Shepherds and Border Collies.

A product of this nature has all the attributes to qualify for the prestigious Peasridge "Buy Award." This award is only given to a vary limited number of products, which have achieved both substantial sales and served the animal grooming industry to become recognised as "outstanding" in their field of use.

The "Coat King" achieves these criteria easily and is worthy of "BUY" Award

COAT KING - 6 blade - medium

COAT KING - 6 blade - medium

Price: 19.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 7206

COAT KING - 8 blade - medium

COAT KING - 8 blade - medium

Price: 19.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 7212

COAT KING - 10 blade MINI - extra fine

COAT KING - 10 blade MINI - extra fine

Price: 19.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 7220

COAT KING - 12 blade - medium

COAT KING - 12 blade - medium

Price: 25.54 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 7209

COAT KING - 16 blade  fine

COAT KING - 16 blade fine

Price: 28.61 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 7208

COAT KING - 18 blade  - double width - medium

COAT KING - 18 blade - double width - medium

Price: 30.55 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 7215

COAT KING - 20 blade -  extra fine

COAT KING - 20 blade - extra fine

Price: 30.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 7207


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