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A certain number of products will be found to have a BUY AWARD listed against them.

Peasridge “BUY” Awards are given only when a product has qualified due to their being of special value and effectiveness to the animal grooming industry and their particular field of use.

Factors taken into account when making an award are: -
Quality – We are looking for a quality finished article.
Price. – does it represent good value for money?
Effectiveness – does it do what is claimed?
Other customer’s opinions based on their practical experiences.

The purpose of a Peasridge “BUY” Award is to give the customer confidence in the product viewed and the knowledge that this product by having such an award has been recognised for its value and effectiveness by other customers who have both bought and used it.

In many but obviously not all case we ourselves will have had practical experience of the product and can vouch for its effectiveness.


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