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Online Catalogue > ATTACHMENT COMBS for clipper blades > Wahl - stainless steel comb set

WAHL 8 Comb set - Stainless steel - A5 blades only WAHL 8 Comb set - Stainless steel - A5 blades only
Product Code: CBG0199

A set of eight universal stainless steel attachment combs suitable for fitting over the A5 type detachable style narrow blades as used for dog or cat clipping, supplied in a plastic case with individual comb slots with colour identification for organised safe keep.

Each of the individual combs is designed to be fitted over the clipping blade. Insert the two "hooks" onto the back of the clipper blade, and then push the comb forward so the comb teeth fit over the clipper blade teeth. This is often best achieved with the clipper blade attached.

Each comb is colour coded for easy recognition, and the stainless steel blades are securely fixed to give positive application. The individual comb blade tips are rounded and therefore do not have sharp pointed tips, thus avoiding any prospect of causing damage to an animal's skin.

Only supplied as an 8 comb set, the range includes the following sizes:

Comb 1 size: 1/8th/3mm
Comb 2 size: 1/4/6mm
Comb 3 size: 3/8th/10mm
Comb 4 size: 1/2/13mm
Comb 5 size: 5/8th16mm
Comb 6 size: 3/4/19mm
Comb 7 size: 7/8th/22mm
Comb 8 size: 1-inch/25mm

Customers and end users should be aware that attachment combs of this nature are suitable to fit onto certain blades only and DO NOT fit all sizes of detachable blades unless otherwise stated. Blades which are normally fitted with attachment combs are sizes from #50 to #8.5 ONLY. This applies only to narrow detachable blades and detachable wide blades are excluded as not suitable.

Please be aware when using attachment combs as opposed to a blade it is important to pre groom the coat thoroughly - dense un-groomed areas, tangles or matts will cause the attachment comb to not perform correctly.


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Please note:
Our offices are shut on Saturday, Sunday and all Bank Holidays


Price: 22.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

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WAHL 8 Comb set - Stainless steel - Arco/Adelar blades WAHL 8 Comb set - Stainless steel - Arco/Adelar blades
Product Code: CBG0198

A stainless steel comb set comprising of 8ight assorted combs that will fit securely over your Moser "Arco or "Adelar" blades

The combs offer "snag free" smooth tips that glide through the hair with ease
Each comb is colour coded for easy recognition and use.
All conveniently stored in stand with lid

Combs comprise of...
No.1 Comb Attachment 3mm cutting length
No.2 Comb Attachment 6mm cutting length
No.3 Comb Attachment 9mm cutting length
No.4 Comb Attachment 13mm cutting length
No.5 Comb Attachment 16mm cutting length
No.6 Comb Attachment 18mm cutting length
No.7 Comb Attachment 22mm cutting length
No.8 Comb Attachment 25mm cutting length

Price: 22.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

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WAHL Pro Series trimmer - 6 Comb set WAHL Pro Series trimmer - 6 Comb set
Product Code: CBG0002

WAHL ProSeries trimmer - 6 plastic attachment comb set

These combs are designed to snap on the rear end of the blade, and produce a secure fit..

The set includes comb sizes:
No: 1 comb - 1/8th 3mm
No: 2 comb - 1/4th 6mm
No: 3 comb - 3/8th 10mm
No: 4 comb -1/2" 13mm
No: 5 comb - 5/8th 16mm
No: 6 comb - ¾" 19mm

Please remember!
When using attachment combs on your clipper/trimmer blades it is most important to ensure you have first "thoroughly" groomed the animal before making any attempt to clip. Comb attachment will not work correctly if there are any knots, tangles, matts, or areas of un-groomed hair.

Price: 9.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Wahl Clipper Blade & Comb Organiser Wahl Clipper Blade & Comb Organiser
Product Code: CB0223

A stylist looking storage case in sturdy plastic with a "smoked" finish - the case opening on both sides offering both quick visual assessment of your blades/combs as well as offering safe keeping, and ensuring all of your blades and attachment combs are in one place

The unique style design allows for the storage of up to 16 blades and combs, or an assortment of both. This unusual case offers an innovative new way to store your attachment combs and blades safely and securely in one convenient location also offers an easy simple method to transport or move your valuable clipping accessories
When in use, one or both sides of the case can be opened to display the contents and offer easy accessibility. When closed the case will protect the contents from hair, dust and dirt

The snap-in locking mechanism will ensure the contents are safe and secure and the integrated rubberised handle facilitates easy movement. To open either of the two compartments the snap lock is pushed "inwards"

Height: (handle depressed) 13cm
Height (handle extended) 16cm
Width: 13.5cm
Length (closed) 14cm
Length (open) 30.5cm
Weight (unloaded) 0.45kgs
NB. All dimensions are approximately

Price: 14.04 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue > ATTACHMENT COMBS for clipper blades > Wahl - stainless steel comb set