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Attachment combs are normally made of a plastic component, although some do have metal blades. Those intended for "fixed blade" machines are usually attached by sliding the comb on the blade. There are some minor size differences in the various brands available. Some brands produce combs with rather sharp ends, and these are best rubbed smooth with a fine emery board

The "snap" on type comb with the expanding clasp which clips over the rear of the blade, are generally intended for the "detachable type blades as used by most professional dog clippers.

Attachment combs do not fit on traditional type clipper blades, they are intended to be fitted on/over the "detachable" type "narrow" blades as used by most dog groomers. They are not intended to fit the "detachable" wide type blades as used for large dog breeds or for full body horse clipping.

Combs can only be attached to "detachable" narrow blades from blade size#50 to size #8.5. Blades from size#7 downwards will not accommodate the comb attachment, due to the increasing size of the comb blade.

The purpose of the attachment comb is to leave a greater length of un-cut hair than the blade alone would normally leave. The alternative to this method is to buy one of the special depth blade (Blades from size#7 down to size#3 all of which leave specific lengths of un-cut hair.

It is important to remember however that if you use an attachment comb you must be very particular with the grooming of the coat. There MUST NOT be any tangles or knots - otherwise the comb may come off the blade, it may well refuse to pass through the hair, and the clipping process may be painful to the animal!

LAUBE COMB - size  B - 1.25 LAUBE COMB - size B - 1.25"
Product Code: CBG0019

Comb measurements: 1.25-inch/32mm

Hard wearing plastic combs specially designed to fit on all Andis Laube, Moser, Oster and Wahl animal clippers using the A5 type "detachable" blade.

These combs will also fit on blades as used by the Wahl Pro Series rechargeable and Moser Rex type 1230 trimmers.

The Laube attachment comb range offer combs of varying depth, which allows you to select the desired cutting length of the hair on your animal. Especially valuable to those involved in dog or cat clipping who do not wish to purchase additional blades.

Those planning to use attachment combs should appreciate the importance of preparing the animals coat so that it is totally free of any knots or tangles otherwise the combs are unlikely to perform satisfactorily. This is especially applicable to both cats and dogs.

N.B. Please remember attachment combs can generally only be used on blade sizes #50 to #8.5. Blades beyond these sizes have comb blades, (the lower plate) which are too thick for the attachment comb to fit over.

Price: 4.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Online Catalogue > ATTACHMENT COMBS for clipper blades > Laube - plastic individual combs